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Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for Every Tech Savvy


Modern mobile devices can do just about every imaginable thing, including managing our home appliances! However, power users must still cope with issues such as subpar battery performance and the lack of optimal out-of-the-box wireless headphones.

Battery yield has been a concern for many manufacturers and developers over the past few years, but we're still struggling to find smartphones that could get us through the day.

In addition, whereas once upon a time manufacturers were wont to include proprietary headphones in their smartphone packages, that trend has changed significantly.


Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for the Tech Savvy

In the tech-driven world, we have an array of electronic devices and gadgets that enable us to live more easily and conveniently. If you're tech savvy and you would like to maximize the capabilities of your mobile device you would need to know what these people often value in these accessories beforehand.

Here are some qualities tech savvy people look for in smartphone accessories.

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Compatibility

Most smartphone users are concerned with battery life and having great high-quality earbuds to come with their smartphone.

Baseus accessories are directed towards filling these needs in the most successful manner by introducing a line of products that mix premium quality with affordability. Check out some of our promising offerings.


For high-quality audio and music listening

Baseus audio device

1. Baseus SIMU ANC True Wireless Earphones S1 Pro

These are definitely "must-haves" for audiophiles. It's hard to find wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.2, wireless charging capabilities, ANC technology, and an extremely wide array of features, all for such a cheap price tag ($59.99 as of this writing).

These ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) modes can be toggled through the earphones' touch controls, so you don't even need to "unsheathe" your smartphone.

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2. Baseus True Wireless Earphones W11

These wireless earphones are marketed especially for fitness purposes. They are water and sweat-resistant, enabling users to go on long workout sessions or hikes without worrying about damaging their buds.

They also come equipped with QI wireless charging ability and a battery with enough juice to endure 4 hours of music. You also only have to wait 10 minutes for the earphones to charge up to 80%.

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For fast and easy charging

Baseus GaN2 Fast Charger 1C 100W

1. Baseus GaN2 Fast Charger 1C 100W

It's challenging to find a smartphone charger that could fully replace the one included out-of-the-box.

Nevertheless, Baseus has managed to develop a charger that's Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 certified and endowed with a proprietary cooling technology (code-named "Baseus Cooling Technology" or BCT), capable of dissipating heat with the aid of nanotechnology. This would guarantee that you won't have issues with most mobile phones coming from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, or Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, among others.

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2. Baseus Super Si Pro Quick Charger C+U 30W US Black

This dual-port charger also works for a wide variety of devices and is touted as being capable of charging the iPhone 13 Pro Max to 60% in a mere 30 minutes. It likewise comes with a heat-dissipating mechanism using Silicon-based material.

It may not be as potent as the GaN2, but it operates wonderfully and facilitates two simultaneous charging sessions, one with a USB-C type cable and another with a USB-A type.

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3. Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger 2C+2U 100W

This behemoth can charge up to 4 devices at the same time thanks to its Shared Charging System. It combines the power and heat dissipation technology of the GaN2 1C 100W with the versatility of the Super Si Pro.

The output varies according to the ports used, but you'll be expected to charge a MacBook Pro 16-inch in just 2 hours.

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For long-lasting battery life

Baseus Quick Charge Power Bank 20000mAh 65W

1. Baseus Adaman Metal Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank 20000mAh 65W

For those who need that extra juice to get them through a long business trip, the Adaman can grant them a high number of charges for their most taxing devices (to illustrate, it can charge a Galaxy S10 up to 3.4 times.) It also supports fast charging and has a handy screen that gives a battery level reading.

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2. Baseus Magnetic Wireless Quick Charging Power Bank 10000mAh 20W

This handy magnetic power bank works with 18 built-in magnets for attaching your phone. If you have an Apple 12 phone or a Xiaomi Mi 10, then this power bank is a good choice for you. It may deliver up to 3 charges for the iPhone 12 mini.

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3. Baseus Bipow Digital Display Power Bank 20000mAh 20W Black

This is a very portable charger with a slim design. Though it's not as powerful as the Adaman, the Bipow carries a whopping 20000mAh capacity, meaning it would have almost the same charging yield and is likewise compatible with most smartphone models from major manufacturers.

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4. Baseus Mini JA Fast Charge Power Bank 3A 30000mAh Black

This power bank might not have you survive Armageddon, but it could surely get you through a hurricane or tornado outage thanks to its beefy 30000mAh battery, a supply that is supposed to last you up to 10 days of power. It doesn't have a digital display, but we believe it's a nice trade-off considering the price ($35.99 as of this writing).

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People who crave quality, convenience, and compatibility would definitely appreciate the benefits of owning any of Baseus' accessories described above, and we are convinced that these ought to ultimately be included in every technophile's inventory.

We offer some of the best accessories in the tech industry and we believe they're capable of satisfying the most demanding gadget geeks out there.

If you are unsure about what to get your tech-savvy friend or loved one for that special date, we advise you to take the safe route and opt for one of these must-have smartphone accessories offered by Baseus.

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