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Baseus GaN2 Fast Charger 1C 100W

GaN2 100W fast charger multiple protocols certified cable included


● That's Power Couple - GaN II x Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0, 4x faster than ever, 40% smaller, up to 50°F heat dissipation, up to 70% more efficiency than ever.

● 100W Power Delivery - Adaptive fast-charging to the fullest, More powerful than ever, fully charge 96watt MacBook Pro 16" in just 2 hours. Designed for all USB-C laptops. compatible with Lenovo, Dell, HP, Chromebook, Surface, Acer, etc.


Product Parameter

100W Fast Charge Laptops
GaN2 Fast Charger
QC5 Certified
It is Qualcomm® QuickTM Charge 5 certified and supports maximum 100W output. Adaptive input voltage and low-temperature fast charging guarantee safer charging for high power devices.
“Never Faster”
70% increase on charging efficiency*, and 4 times faster*
“Safer to Use”
Multiple protections.
“Excellent Heat Dissipation”
10℃ drop in charging temperature.*
Note: The above data is in comparison with our QC4 fast charging technology.
Single Type-C Port Maximum 100W Output
The Perfect Fast Charger for Laptops
Baseus GaN2 100W charger is designed for fast charging laptops at full speed.
Fully Charged in 2 Hours, Make Your Work More Efficient
Charge your AppleBook Pro 13″ during coffee breaks.
40% Smaller, Compact and Portable
It’s smaller than 96W chargers, easy to carry around.
Perfect Fit for Business Trips
*The above data are measured by the Baseus laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.
State-of-the-art Technology
High power and small size are well-balanced thanks to the third generation semiconductor material of GaN and optimized combination of internal structural components.
GaN2 Pro Technology: More powerful in a smaller size
Structure Optimization: Reduce the number of components to be smaller
Folding Prongs: User-friendly and portable design
Excellent Heat Dissipation for Fast Charging
BCT[Baseus cooling technology]. The infrared resonance effect of radiator surface is excited by nanotechnology to accelerate the rapid heat emission from the radiator surface, so as to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency.
Multiple Protocols, High Compatibility
It is QC5, QC4.0+, PD3.0, PPS and other protocols certified for various devices.
For Apple: Apple Book Pro 16", Apple Book Pro 13", Apple Book Air, etc.
For Xiaomi: Pro15.6", Air12.5/13.3", etc.
For Lenovo: Xiaoxin Air/Pro series, ThinkPad X series, etc.
For DELL: G3/G5/G7series, XPS 17, XPS 15, etc.
Pad Pro11", Pad Pro12.9", Pad mini5、Pad Air3, etc.
Mobile Phones
Apple,,Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.
Switch host, Switch Dock
Note: This test list is related to the product models and software versions. Software upgrade may affect compatibility. The product may be compatible with more models in actual use.
Multiple Protections for Safe Charge
Your Safety Is Our Top Priority
Over-voltage protection, Over-current protection, Over-power protection
Electrostatic protection, Short-circuit protection, Temperature control
Qualified and Certified
Charging with Baseus alleviates your worries..