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Baseus SIMU ANC True Wireless Earphones S1 Pro

Wireless noise cancellation high sound quality fast charging earphones


● Active Noise Cancellation & Transparency Mode
Comfort & Secure Fit

● Bluetooth 5.2 & Quality Sound Wireless Buds
Crystal Clear Calls

● Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging


Product Parameter

Baseus SIMU ANC True Wireless Earphones S1 Pro
Wireless Noise Cancellation for More Immersive Experience
SIMU ANC True Wireless Earphones S1 Pro
Amazing Features

Three Modes for a More Quiet World
The earphones have three modes: ambient sound, deep noise cancellation and call noise cancellation mode, which are available for your different needs.
Deep noise cancellation mode Effectively weakening heavy low-frequency noise and giving you a quiet environment.
Ambient sound mode You can hear your surroundings clearly without taking off your earphones.
Call noise cancellation mode Eliminates background noise during calls in noisy environments.

ANC Takes You away from the Noise
By using ANC technology, and equipped with a high-performance dual-core DSP processing chip, the earphones can capture environmental noise in different frequency bands through a high-sensitivity noise reduction microphone and realizes -28dB deep noise reduction through a moving coil emitting anti-phase sound wave.
Active noise cancellation Optimized noise reduction algorithm Dual-core DSP processing chips
*The above data are measured by the Baseus laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.

Ambient Sound Mode Reminds You What’s Happening Around You
Triple-tap the functional area of the right earphone to activate ambient sound mode and hear the background sound clearly.

Echo-resistant Wind noise cancellation Low latency

ENC Keeps You Out of Interference During Calls

Left and right earphones adopt a high-sensitivity MEMS microphone,plus Wireless IC adaptive noise reduction algorithm, to eliminate background noise during calls and intelligently capture and amplify the sound from the earphones.

Charge with “No Strings Attached”
The earphones are compatible with mainstream QI wireless charging devices, no cable needed when charging, making them really “wireless” earphones.
*Wireless charger is not included, please purchase one by yourself.

Premium Sound Quality and Better Acoustics than CDs
Precise acoustic measuring systems and AAC/SBC high quality decoding offer clear sound quality. 10mm moving coils and high-density composite diaphragms ensure powerful bass. Well-balanced triple frequency offers an immersive audio experience.

AAC/SBC high quality decoding 10mm Neodymium magnet moving coils Well-balanced triple frequency
Enjoy Good Music All Day Around
The advanced Wireless 5.1 solution significantly reduces power consumption, plus a high-capacity battery for longer battery life. When the noise cancellation mode is off, one full charge could last 5 hours, 24 hours if considering the charging case.
*The above data are measured by the Baseus laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.
Easy Operation with Just a Touch
Touch control through built-in captive sensing components replaces cumbersome phone operation. Just touch your earphones with your fingertips, you can turn on/off noise cancellation, pause, answer a call, etc.
Comfortable to Wear, Seamless Fit
The front and rear cavities of earphones with an 108° elevation angle can balance the pressure inside and outside the ear. Single earphone is as light as 3.5g for wearing without burden. They come with 3 sizes of soft silicone ear tips to perfectly fit different ear canals.

Only 3.5g for single earphone

108° elevation angle

Multiple sizes available