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Must-Have Smart Office Gadgets for Your WFH Setup



Work-from-home (WFH) is the new normal for employees and companies across the world, and it is proving to be cost-effective for organizations.

The WFH setup helped many companies save costs for offices and maintenance, which enabled them to realign resources on employee benefits and engagement in this setup. Employees also prefer to work from home, since they do not need to commute to their office daily and have more time for their personal lives.

Working from home is further enhanced and improved when you have the must-have smart office gadgets for your WFH setup.

Why Should You Use Smart Office Gadgets and Devices?

The new WFH technologies and smart gadgets bring so much convenience to the employees. These technologies and the latest devices improve productivity, enhance communications, and develop interactions and collaborations.

Smart office gadgets enable us to work efficiently everywhere. It can happen through the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology and connected devices.

The smart ecosystem of your home office can bring you benefits including:


Automation of the tasks improves the individual and collective efficiency in the organization. It helps streamline processes, it improves your focus and attention on the primary duties, and it reduces errors and distractions.

Saving energy

The smart lighting and temperature devices, among other smart gadgets, not only provide you with more than adequate visibility and illumination but are also energy efficient. Smart devices conserve energy, which results in reduced electricity bills.


Smart home-office devices require the least inputs for control. You can control and access them through voice commands and gestures. These devices help you save energy and focus on other important tasks.


Smart devices come with world-class security features, which ensure that hackers cannot assess any data and piece of information.

Must Have Smart Office Gadgets To Add To Your WFH Experience

Having a great working environment is important in maximizing your efficiency and productivity. With the use of smart hubs and smart devices, you can create a workstation from home that is convenient and conducive.


Baseus i-wok USB Screen Light Source Hanging Light

The light source and the screen hanging light from Baseus are some of the best illumination sources available when you are looking for anti-glare light that can be soft enough for your eyes. The directional light is devoid of strobing or blue light and is made using high-quality beads that reduce the damage caused by blue light. You can easily switch it to any USB socket, which will act as its power source. The light can be easily fixed to the screen edge and remains stable. It improves your interactive and screen experience and makes you more productive.

Baseus Magnetic Dimming Desk Lamp White

This energy-saving lamp and LED offer you bright illumination with the least energy expenditure. It is certified for reducing glare and blue light and comes in a compact design as well. With one charge, the lamp can stay alive for 24 hours. It has a dimming feature through which it can optimize itself for different lighting situations. Apart from offering eye protection, the lamp can also be used as an emergency light.

Baseus Smart Rechargeable Folding Reading Desk Lamp

The smart device, the auto-dimming lamp from Baseus, is intelligent enough to sense the room environment and the brightness level. It can optimize its light based on the brightness of the room. You can adjust the light to up to 180 degrees and cover your entire work desk with illumination through this lamp. The lamp has more than 13 hours of battery life and can be recharged through a USB port.

Because of the rectangular distribution of the light, the lamp is simply perfect for your desktop. It has a cordless design. It can be moved anywhere and placed at any point due to its small design features. When you are looking for a quality lamp with international certification, this could be the best option.

Docking Station

Baseus Metal Gleam 8-in-1 Docking Station

The USB C port 8-in-1 docking station from Baseus offers you eight different ports that can be used for expanding your display, transferring data, charging, and internet connection among other purposes. The transmission with this docking station offers an amazing world-class viewing experience, as you can enjoy the visual effects of cinema-grade. The dock also offers features including high transmission speed, fast surfing, and portability, which make it even more useful.

Baseus Angle 7 Type-C Hub Converter

When you want to connect your Apple iPad Pro area and the lock tops two other interfaces, the Baseus’ Angle No. 7 multifunctional converter is an excellent quality option that you have. You can use it easily for transferring media and for mirroring for extending your iPad screen. It can also be used for synchronization listening and other purposes. The turf and lasting converter are made using aviation alloy and have a round-angle design that aligns perfectly with the Apple laptops and iPads. Some of the best features of the harbor and converter include stable signals, a fast transmission rate of 10 Gbps, and the absence of delays are frame drops. Use the device for fast transmission rates and a more interactive and professional experience.

Baseus Working Station Four Screen Type C Adapter

The multifunctional four screen Type C hub adapter helps you connect to Ethernet, DC power source, HDMIs, and the audio sources, among other connections. The quality product from Baseus offers you a five screen-display, all with different content. The adapter supports fast charging and offers you a high-quality and cinema-grade visual experience. You can share your videos and photos at any time, even when your laptop is devoid of any card slot.

Chargers and Cables

Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger (100W)

This powerful Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger can be used for charging many different laptops at the same time. The quick charger can charge the MacBook Pro fully within 2 hours and can also charge 2 laptops at the same time. The smart device is highly recommended to help you overcome all kinds of power and electricity issues when you work from your home. The small design of the device ensures that it occupies the least space and can be easily carried and transferred from one place to another. A single device can take care of all your charging needs and can also fulfill the charging requirements of your family members.

Baseus Cafule Data Cable Type-C to Type-C (100W)

The Baseus Type-C to Type-C data cable can connect mobile phones, tablets, and laptops of all brands and can offer a speed going up to 480 MBPS. It helps you change your laptops and mobile phones at an amazingly fast speed due to its 100 W capacity. An integrated circuit controls the flow of the current, which provides for better efficiency. The high-quality nylon and zinc alloys have been used for the construction of certified data cables.

Baseus Pro Desktop Powerstrip (65W)

The Baseus Desktop Powerstrip is a single smart device that can solve all your charging needs through a multi-port port design and setup. It is compatible with all kinds of devices including laptops, computers, monitors, printers, and speakers, among others. It has lots of security features to ensure that your device charges safely. A noteworthy feature that enhances the safety of the device is the Anti-electric shock prevention and protection feature. The power strip has been certified for its premium quality.


There are many benefits of using smart devices including smart cables, docking stations, lighting, and lamps, among others. These devices improve your productivity as well as efficiency in a very safe way.

Built with high-quality materials, these devices can be a reliable professional counterpart for years and decades to come. With these smart devices, you can work with complete peace of mind without being disturbed by distractions including power failures, blue rays, eyestrain, and many others.

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