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Baseus Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro White

Magnetic long battery life rechargeable eye-protecting desk lamp


● 42 LED SUPER BRIGHT – Wireless Under cabinet lights built-in 42 pcs Energy saving LED, 100 lumens, color rendering index>80 Ra,step-less dimming through touch control. brightness and comfortable to illuminate dark spaces.it has passed the EU Blue light RGO test certification.


Product Parameter

Baseus Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro
Magnetic Design, Light As You Go
Baseus Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro
Easy to Install, Space-saving
Stick the mini magnetic lamp base anywhere and attach the lamp body.
Say goodbye to a large base of traditional desk lamps, as slim lamp body occupies little desktop space.
Rotatable Design for Any Light Angle You Like
Rotate the lamp body with a matched lamp base to adjust the lighting angle.
24 Hours Long Battery Life, Stay with You All Night
1800mAh Battery
Stay with you to prepare for exams all night.
Stepless Dimming for Various Lighting Situations
Stepless dimming for any kind of light you like.
3000K-5000K color temperature for different light in various scenarios.
Light up All You Want with Just a Touch
Interactive touch control design to light up your life with a touch.
Touch the button with visual icons and control the light at your fingertips.
Switch light mode Short press to turn on/off Long press for stepless dimming
No Blue Light Damage, No Visible Strobing
EU Blue Light RGO test certified, shield short-wavelength blue light to protect your eyes.
IEEE stroboscopic test certified, which is truly free of visible strobing.
A fine and highly translucent shade filters the light to keep it even and soft
Charging and inserting dual-use, charging while using.
Powered by adapters, computers and power banks
Multiple Application Scenarios, Light up Anywhere
Remove and fasten it anywhere you like, or hold it with your hand as it is wireless and portable
Flashlight Night light Outdoor emergency light
Brightness Preference Memory Function
Automatically goes to the last brightness setting every time you turn it on.
No need for complicated adjustments as recording your preference automatically.
Dual Modes, Simple Installation