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Power Bank Care: How Long Does Power Bank Last?


Power Bank Care: How Long Does Power Bank Last?

If you’re looking for a power source you can bring anywhere you go, power banks can surely help you. Power banks have been almost a necessity for many of us who use our smartphones and other devices frequently.

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Using your power bank all the time is convenient, but mishandling it and lack of device care can slowly deteriorate its capacities. A power bank’s durability can be compromised if it is not properly taken care of.


Baseus provides quality and durable power banks for your everyday use. A power bank’s working life is a reflection of its quality. However, proper power bank care will prolong its service life and can keep your device last for a long time.


Benefits of using a power bank

Power banks can help you power a variety of USB charging supported devices and gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and even laptops. Some can even charge laptops. You should add a power bank to your tech arsenal if you haven’t already, as it can quickly power up your devices with fast charging speed.


Benefits of power banks:

  • It’s a universal charger for various devices
  • Power banks can be lightweight and highly-portable
  • Multiple charging sockets are available
  • High-charging capacity
  • You can use it during emergencies and power interruptions


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How long does a power bank last?

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Power banks typically last about 3 years. Baseus offers affordable, durable and reliable power banks that have a long service life. You may still use your Baseus power bank for longer as long as the device has no cracks and/or inflation. If you find that your power bank cracked significantly or it has inflated over time, do not charge it anymore and contact your customer service on how to properly dispose or recycle your power bank.


The biggest factor that affects the service life of power banks is their battery cell. The battery cell typically has charge-discharge cycles about at least 500 times, with some power banks lasting around 800-900 times. Every full charge and discharge of the battery would have a gradual loss to the battery.


Another factor that affects a power bank’s working life is its capacity. The larger the capacity, the more power it can supply you, which needs fewer charge-discharge times, so the longer it will last.

Power Bank Care: Tips on Power Bank Maintenance

1. Ensure device compatibility

Typically, power banks are universally compatible with many devices using USB ports. Whether you’re charging smartphones, tablets, wireless earphones, or portable speakers, you can use your power bank to power them. For laptop power banks, one would need a USB-C port and cable to properly use it for charging.

2. Check the power bank capacity

Before you buy any power bank, know your needs and the available power bank capacities. Power bank capacity could range from 5000mah to 30000mah. Depending on where you’ll use it, you should get a power bank that can give you enough power.


Typically, many people get 10000mah power banks, aside from its lightweight design, it also can charge devices such as smartphones, tablets, earphones, among others, a number of times before needing to charge the power bank again.


3. Avoid high heat and humidity

Heat is really a problem for electronic devices. Your Baseus power bank’s performance and battery life can be adversely affected if you will use it or leave it in warm or humid locations with no means of cooling the heat generated by the environment.


Let’s say you are outdoors, using your power bank at noon, your power bank will definitely heat up and that’s not good for your power bank in the long run. Avoid using your power bank in extreme heat and humidity to prolong its service life.


4. Don’t drop it

Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our power banks one way or the other. Physical damage, though accidental, can still damage the performance of your power bank and reduce its service life. Don’t put too much strain on your power banks. And at the sight of physical cracks and inflation, discontinue use and contact your customer service to know what you can do to your power bank.


5. Stay away from corrosive chemicals

A power bank needs to avoid many liquids, most especially chemicals. For your power bank, use an anti-static brush when cleaning your power bank and not any solvents or strong detergents. You may clean the appearance of your power bank with cotton dipped in small amounts of anhydrous alcohol.

6. Use your power bank regularly

Using your power bank regularly is fine, as long as you charge your power bank once it’s drained. This way you can prolong the service life of your power bank. This portable charger needs to be used on a regular basis so the battery will not discharge. Lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries need to be charged,  so it could function in the best condition for a long time.

7. Keep it in cold area

Resistance rises alongside temperature, which affects the rate at which electricity flows from your power bank to your device. Because of this, your battery’s performance will be affected and be volatile, which may lead to a shorter power bank lifespan.


To avoid this, keep your power bank in a cooler area. You don’t need to store your power bank in a refrigerator to keep it cool, but it would be beneficial if you regulate the temperature where you keep your electronics. The ideal temperature for that would be 20°C to 25°C.


8. Don’t use your phone while charging

Your smartphone may get hot while it’s charging using your power bank. While charging a power bank can withstand certain temperatures, you risk overheating when you use your phone plugged into the power bank.


Plus, you may find yourself with an explosion if your two devices are overheating and in close proximity with each other. Refrain playing games and doing processing-intensive activities on your phone when you’re plugged in.

9. Use the power bank charger

Even power banks have charging requirements. To quickly and properly charge your power bank, use the cable that was given by the manufacturer. For Baseus power banks, we provide charging cables you can use to charge your power bank. 

10. Avoid water

Most power banks are not waterproof. As you’re dealing with electricity, you would want to avoid water and other liquids when charging your device. Droplets may also get to your power bank, which may render your power bank useless.


Get Baseus power banks

Baseus is the leading brand for high-quality, durable, and  reliable power banks globally. We offer a range of power banks according to your needs, from daily use to heavy duty portable charging. Our Quick Charge power banks offer faster charging, our magnetic power banks let you charge without cables, and we also have laptop power banks that can power your computer on the go.


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