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Advantages of Smartphone Wireless Charging


Smartphone wireless charging has been gaining popularity in recent years and it's not going anywhere. Wireless chargers enable safe, reliable and effortless ways to charge your Qi-enabled devices and these chargers also offers several advantages over wired chargers.

People have various reasons why they choose to charge their devices wirelessly. Many people enjoy this exciting emerging technology that seems to magically charge their device with no wires. You can use the entire capabilities of your phone by using wireless chargers and extending its battery life by not overcharging it.

What is a wireless charger and how does it work?

A wireless charger works the same way as the usual wired chargers, only without wires plugged in your phones. This mechanism is enabled by Qi technology which magnetically charges your device just by placing it on its surface.

Qi is pronounced 'CHEE' like the metaphysical energy that allows martial arts masters to knock people out without even touching them. But the Qi in this sense is a little more scientific than metaphysical.

Inside your device, there is a small wire coil that is a pad to receive energy and inside the wireless charging device, there is a transmitter that has a similar coil. The two coils meeting together create an electromagnetic field that sends energy from the wireless charger to the phone. Your phone leads the interaction and tells the smartphone wireless charger when it has enough charge so it does not overheat your phone or damage your phone's battery life.

Wireless chargers typically have a mount plugged in, but there are also magnetic power banks as well. Baseus’ technology in magnetic power banks makes it easier for you to power your smartphone without the hassle of wires and plugs.

The advantages of wireless charging

Wireless charging offers various advantages to users and may be the future of charging for many other electronic devices. Here are some of the advantages of wireless charging.

1. It’s convenient

Wireless charging devices are extremely simple to use. Most of the time, it’s plug-and-play. There is no programming involved or complicated configuration for your devices at all. Typically, having to configure it to work for your devices at all. Wireless chargers are very intuitive in the sense that they have built-in technology that knows when to start charging and when to stop charging.

They are also able to tell when something that is not a Qi-enabled device such as a penny or a piece of jewelry is placed on it so it does not heat these items up and damage them or itself.

2. Wireless devices are integrated

Integrated devices are those that integrate into your life to make things easier and contribute to your daily routine. Wireless charging devices are so much more natural to use than wired chargers.

How many times have you grabbed your phone and forgot it was connected to the wired charger and almost yanked it out of the wall? When you pick up your coffee cup you expect to just pick it up and use it without something being attached to it that could disrupt the flow of what you're doing.

It should be the same with all your devices, you should just be able to pick them up and use them.

3. You can charge multiple devices

With wireless charging devices, you can charge more than one device at a time. You can charge your phone, your headphones, your smart watch, any Qi-enabled device all at the same time by just throwing it on top of the charger.

4. Get rid of the wires

You'll have no clutter on your desk when wires are out of the way. By getting rid of the wires, smartphone wireless chargers make for more of an aesthetically pleasing area.

They will also save the life of your USB port because you're not jamming wires in and out of it multiple times per day. Sometimes USB ports can get so worn out that the wires are barely attaching to the inside of the device anymore and may randomly fall off. When you wake up the next day and your phone isn't even charged this can sometimes be a disaster.

5. It’s compact and low maintenance

These devices typically don't use a lot of power. The coil inside of the wireless charging devices holds energy inside it so that it's not constantly pulling energy from your wall socket. It is unlike your wired chargers that get energy directly from the socket.

You don't have to worry about taking your device off the charger at a certain time with wireless chargers. These types of chargers prevent overcharging from happening by signals from your phone that tell the charger when to stop. It also doesn’t take up too much space on your desk and they can be relocated easily without much effort.

Which phones have wireless charging capabilities?

These types of chargers work with any Qi-enabled phone. Wireless charging is available for most phones that have come out from various manufacturers such as:

  • iPhone 8 and above
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and above
  • LG G3 and above
  • Microsoft Lumia 920 and above
  • Google Pixel 5 and above
  • ZTE Axon and above
  • Amazon Fire 8 Tablet

Can I use the wireless charger with my phone case?

Most phone cases will work with wireless charging devices. Any thin plastic case up to 3mm will work including the heavy-duty cases.

You don't need direct contact with the charge and your phone so you typically will not need to take your phone out of the case. Metal cases, on the other hand, will not work. If you have a metal case you will need to take your phone out of the case in order to use your wireless charging device.

Many phone developers have replaced the back of their phones with glass for this reason. The aluminum backs that they used to have were not compatible with wireless charging and this is why they decided to move in this direction.


Wireless charging devices are quickly becoming the norm today and they are becoming commonplace in many homes and offices all over the world. More and more devices are being engineered to be only compatible with wireless chargers due to advantages it has over wired chargers, its ease of use, and charging speed.

People love the ease and convenience of just being able to place their phone on the surface and walk away to come back an hour later and it's fully charged. This is also saving a lot of space inside of new devices so that developers can fit in more useful technology inside them that will be useful.

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