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Baseus In-car Inverter 150W (110V US/JP) Black

Baseus 150W high power 4-output in-car inverter


👍【150W Power Inverter】Baseus 150W car power inverter with 2 AC outlets, 1 USB-A port (Max 30W), 1 PD3.0 Type-C port(Max 30W), and 1 DC cigarette lighter socket. Provide top speed and stable continuous power for devices. It will solve the power problem for your long journey, camping, car entertainment, and emergencies. Great for a gift to your friends and family.


Product Parameter


A Multifunctional In-car Power Station

Baseus In-car Inverter 150W


150W High Power

Maximum 150W rated output can offer power supply to multiple devices at the same time, safe and stable.


*Multiple devices simultaneously output a total rated power of not more than 150W, which is tested with pure resistive devices.


*Due to the PFC circuit in some phone chargers with over 65W rated output power, the protection of the inverter may be enabled in advance, but will not cause damage.





Dual AC Output for Charging Small-current Appliances/Digital Devices

Emergency power supply for devices with rated power under 150W for daily use.

power output≤150W

power output≤30W

power output≤30W

Total output:180W(Max.)


Four Ports Output

Support AC+USB+Type-C output for charging phones, power banks, etc.



Unsupported Devices

Electric rice cookers

Microwave ovens

Hair dryers



Smart Current/Voltage Digital Display

Real-time display of output and input current/voltage.







Power Control to Protect Batteries/Appliances

Built-in smart chips ensure stable power control, intelligent recognition of the required voltage for different devices, safe charging without damage to the devices.


Multiple Safety Protections

Over-charge protection    Short-circuit protection   Turn-off protection


Overload protection   Over-voltage protection   Under-voltage protection


Electric shock protection      Over-heat protection   Shock protection




Silent Cooling Fans

Excellent heat dissipation, safe to use.



AC Power On with One Press of a Button

Long press to turn on/off AC output, safe and efficient.


Long press: Turn on/off inverter output


Note: When use the inverter for the first time after power off, the AC output will not be enabled if the input voltage is lower than 13.2V (please turn on the engine first and then use the inverter).




Strict Quality Control

Pass multiple international certifications.



Off-road vehicles

Universal for 12V Car Models

Applicable to all vehicles, including diesel and gasoline vehicles.